History of EKLG

  • The blindness secondary to  corneal disorders accounts to 8 % of total blindness.This reflects the requirement of better understanding of corneal endothelial disorders ,  corneal  transplant surgery and endothelial cell culture techniques .Endothelial Keratoplasty Learner’s Group (EKLG ) was seeded in 2020 by a small team of passionate cornea surgeons from India during the time of covid when physical meetings were restricted.The 5 member team was mentored by Dr Pravin K Vaddavalli ( Director Cornea services , LVPEI, Hyderabad ) and the mission and vision was to allow pure knowledge on Endothelial keratoplasty to be shared with surgeons across the globe as an online learning module.EKLG is guided by its scientific  committee members who are Masters and Researchers in their field from 5 continents.The group since then , now over 3 years has attracted over 2000 cornea surgeons globally , spread over 200 countries in 5 continents.We have had over 100 hours of session with over 120 Global Masters joining us .This eventually is helping surgeons to improvise their skills and give better outcomes of corneal transplant in patients.


  • One of the strengths of EKLG has been its freedom from any influence or association with any  political, institutional, pharmaceutical companies and it takes no fees from its delegates for online program which attracts over 700-1000 attendees each session. This has kept EKLG very focussed to its mission and vision.EKLG and affiliations are supported by funds from donors who believe in the mission and vision of EKLG. 
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