Mission of Learner's Group

Why are we doing this?
We firmly believe that opportunities to learn endothelial keratoplasty are variable and we want to democratize this process by providing equal opportunity to do so.

How do we plan to do achieve this?

By bringing together the best of the best from across the world to share their knowledge with you in this endeavor and to create a resource you can keep going back to.

What is our ultimate objective?

To enable and empower as many surgeons as possible, from across the world, to be able to convert from full thickness keratoplasty to endothelial transplants, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes and reduce the need for more frequent follow-ups.

Mission of Research Forum

EKLG Research Forum promotes  global research and innovation in understanding and treating corneal endothelial disorders. It serves as the global  forum for sharing knowledge and  information about geographical variations in endothelial disorders, catalyst to build global  consensus , sharing expertise and innovations and promote collaboration between scientist and specialist to expedite of  newer developments in this field  to clinical use and hence allow better results in patients.

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